Karl Brown Equal Temper Scale MIDI servlet demo page

Enter your name and click "submit" to run the servlet and generate a MIDI file demonstrating an equal tempered scale. You specify the number of divisions per octave.

Number of divisions per octave
(please enter an integer from 1 to 1200; one or 2 digits works well):

base MIDI pitch
(please enter a positive integer - mid two digits works well, 60 is middle C):

Number of octaves: (ascending and descending)

beat length (in ticks, 1 tick = approx .002 sec)
(please enter a positive integer - low three digits works well):

General MIDI Patch
(please enter an integer from 0 to 127 inclusive; 0 is piano):

Name of your Midi file
(A short word works well; pleas omit the ".mid"):

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